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"I've found my Guarding Angel, Kirsten Isakson while searching for an alternative in pain management.  I have a cage in my neck and one in my lower back, fibromyalgia and a host of other health issues.  Kirsten's human touch, knowledge and skills are helping me deal with chronic pain, regain body movement, and given my family and I hope in a world where hope seemed just out of reach.  Thanks to my Angel Kirsten our future is full of promise.  Thank You!"


"Kirsten has been one of the greatest blessings in my life today. After 20 years of hard labor my body has suffered several injuries and I experienced major chronic pain. After about a month of treatment, going weekly, I noticed my pain diminish greatly. I have been seeing her for a couple years now on a weekly basis and my health has improved dramatically. I've gotten completely off of pain medication and my mobility has increased drastically. Kirsten is a true magician of sorts and has seemed to find her calling. She is so amazingly tuned in to her patients' energy and I just cannot say enough about her skills as an acupuncturist, chinese medicine practitioner and healer." 



"Kirsten is an Oriental Medicine wizard and a smooth acupuncture operator. Today, I seldom require anything else for the relief from chronic neck and lower back pain, including relief from symptoms attributed to Meniere’s disease. Kirsten is a miracle worker. Her painless work brings about increasing comfort, mobility, and balance to the quality of my daily life. That is a miracle. What a relief it is to have meet her…literally."



"When I met Kirsten, the Orthopedists were telling me surgery was my only option. After a few months of treatment with herbs, acupuncture and all the other work she does, I'm no longer a candidate for surgery."


"Kirsten is truly gifted, and brings the gift of wisdom, presence, and intuition to her work. I will be a lifelong client of Kirsten Isakson; she understands the holistic and vital aspects of well being.

I trust her innately to attune my body and system for its greatest well being!
I highly recommend Kirsten!"



"Kirsten fixed a strained pulley tendon in my ring finger [from rock climbing] in just a few sessions and is now helping me with shoulder injuries. I feel like I've made more progress with Kirsten then any other health care professional. Thanks!" 




"I had a session with Kirsten Isakson at Bridges Family Wellness PC today - acupuncture and more. I can't recommend her enough. Breakthroughs are happening. Go see her, and tell her I sent ya"


"I love kirsten! She's really amazing and takes such good care of my body." - B.T.