Sean O’Neill

Egoscue Postural Therapist

NASM Certified Physical Trainer

Sean O'Neil.jpg

Sean uses postural alignment therapy to alleviate chronic pain. As a certified Egoscue Postural Therapist and NASM Certified Physical Trainer, Sean leads clients through exercise regiments specific to each client’s postural imbalances in order to restore the intended functional alignment of the body’s joints. 

 Muscles pull bones.  The musculoskeletal system relies on complementary dynamic tension throughout the body to ensure proper balance and mobility.  When there is dysfunction in this system, joints are pulled out of alignment.  The body will compensate to work around the dysfunction, so you can carry on with life; but, over time, pain results.

 Imagine driving your car while constantly pressing the brakes.  You’d wear down the break pads pretty quickly.  Instead of regularly replacing the brake pads, postural therapy promotes the restoration of the body's intended alignment, so that there is harmony throughout the musculoskeletal system. 

 The body is very clever about finding ways to work around postural imbalances; however, it eventually leads to pain.  When given the chance, the body will repair. Sean will work with you to help your body heal itself.