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Kara Cooper, LMT


Assisting you on your healing journey is Kara's passion. Taking pride in her ability to provide varied forms of alternative therapies Kara enjoys helping you understand and connect with your body. She is always amazed by the power bodywork has on both client and therapist, helping both to learn and grow. Words from Kara:

Self care is the first step towards actualizing change in your life. This realization lead me to pursue my career. I want to help you feel the best you can feel and, it has to start with you. Taking steps to truly care for yourself will guide you to me and the healing journey will flow from there.”

Kara studied on the East Coast at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy, gaining her roots. As a therapist trained in Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish Massage, Reiki (2nd Attunement), Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Foot Reflexology and much more, she can provide a very adaptive skill set to give you the therapy you truly need. Neuromuscular therapy is a highly effective modality for treating chronic pain, post-operative pain, and emotional trauma by working with specific and personalized sessions to resolve deep issues. With her training in reflexology, Kara can provide you with a whole body experience while just focusing on your feet . She is willing to mix and match these techniques or just truly focus on one to provide you the nurturing you deserve .