Hollie Hefferman, LMT


In 1996, Hollie Hefferman ran underneath the path of a falling tree and fractured multiple ribs near her spine. Being a stubborn and active teenager, her bones healed poorly and a mass of scar tissue developed along her vertebrate; by her early twenties she couldn’t sleep, sit, or stand without severe pain. This began to change when Hollie begrudgingly accepted a friend’s invitation to a gongfu (kung fu) class in Portland, Oregon. It was through this gongfu exercise, and regular traditional Chinese manual therapy treatments from her teacher and schoolmates, that Hollie’s chronic back pain transitioned to manageable, and eventually, barely perceptible levels. She became a firm believer in the power of therapeutic massage and other non-invasive techniques to alleviate the acute and chronic issues in our bodies that we all experience during our lives. 

            Hollie began learning Jin Shou Tuina™ and cranial-sacral therapy in 2009 at that very gongfu school in Portland, under the direction of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association, as part of their traditional, lineage-based gongfu curriculum.  She concurrently trained internal martial arts and volunteered at the school’s weekly community acupuncture and bodywork clinic; additionally she apprenticed with her local teacher in his private acupuncture practice. Her experiences during clinic hours allowed her further opportunity to witness the positive effects traditional Chinese manual therapy has on a myriad of common complaints, and it was during this time she decided to pursue massage therapy as a career. A recent graduate of East West School of Healing Arts in Portland, Ore., Hollie obtained her massage license in order to help facilitate a client's own healing process in a clinical setting. This allows her to happily work along side other care providers to create individual plans to assist in pain reduction, greater ease of movement, and lowered stress levels.

            Hollie was taught that the maintenance of personal physical and internal strength, and cultivation of energetic balance, is a key responsibility of a body worker. She is committed to this standard and continues to train in her own time, as she believes it is essential to providing the best therapeutic care to clients. Hollie also enjoys being in outdoor spaces, practicing primitive skills, taking road trips, and writing. 

            It’s important to Hollie that she provides a comfortable atmosphere and a financially accessible service; all genders and income levels are welcome into the clinic space. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact her privately: h.hefferman@ir-im.org.